Pentland Community Centre


The Pentland Community Centre will be open for booked member and private let groups from 16th August 2021.
Only those attending the groups will be allowed in the centre as the council has given a strict limit of adults permitted which is 16 in the Main Hall, and 14 in the Sports Hall.


A Let Form is required to be completed by every group.
An adult is permitted to be present for each child under 12.
Pre lockdown member groups and private run groups have been contacted and there is a programme set for 16th August until the end of the year which will be available shortly.

Council run groups will be added to the programme as they commence.
Cost of Private Lets in halls has been kept at the pre lockdown rate of £15 per hour.
All those attending a members group will be due the £5 yearly fee on return to centre.
The charge for each visit to the centre by member group persons is £1 and should be handed into the office by the leader of the group along with the information of numbers etc. at each visit.

Covid Regulations

Please note that the usual distancing in both halls will apply and masks must be worn when not in your group area.
There is a limit of two people at a time allowed in the Ladies and Gents.
The kitchen area will be closed to all until further notice.
All seating and tables used in groups must be cleaned as part of the let agreement.
Only the Main Hall and Sports Hall will be in use and all other areas are out of bounds.


Our website is currently under maintenance but will be back as soon as possible.
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If you require further information, contact
Pentland Community Centre
Oxgangs Brae, Edinburgh, EH13 9LS
Phone 0131 445 2871 (after 16th August 2021)